What is the difference between Dimout Blinds & Blackout Blinds?

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It’s a question that many customers ask, but with no right or wrong answer – ‘Do I need blackout blinds in my bedroom?’ We get asked it a lot, and to be honest it’s purely a personal opinion. Many of us are deep sleepers who are out like a light from the moment our head touches the pillow. Others are kept awake by the smallest amount of light. So let us explain the difference between blackout blinds and dimout blinds.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are designed to stop light entering into a room, this is achieved with either thicker material or because it has a thicker lining to the back of the fabric. This thicker material ensures that no light can penetrate through it. Blackout Blinds come in a few variants – Blackout Roller Blinds, Blackout Roof Blinds, Blackout Roman Blinds and Blackout Vertical Blinds. These different types of blackout blind all help to prevent light entering your bedroom as you sleep. With a wider range of fabrics to choose from it means you can find the right style for your room.

Should I install a Blackout blind in a recess?

Installing a blackout blind within a recess will give you a huge reduction in light coming into your room. However, a recess fit does leave a small gap around the edge of the blind. If you really struggle with light and need total blackout in your room then we suggest installing your blind outside of the recess, covering the recess by a good 3/4cm either side. This will then give you a much greater reduction in light that can seep around the side of the blind. A common way to achieve full blackout in a room – but still installing the blind within the recess is to pair it with curtains. By having a blackout blind and an extra layer from the curtains will ensure a great night’s sleep.

“Quality of sleep is more important than quantity”

Dimout Blinds

‘Dimout blinds’ is the term given to any fabric that is not classed as blackout. This type of fabric can range from being very sheer, through to something that blocks 95% of the light, but doesn’t make the cut to be blackout. These fabrics are naturally thinner than the blackout blinds, but do come in a wider range of colours and styles. With blackout blind the colour is never enhanced by the sun shining onto it from behind. With a dim out fabric the sun can help to illuminate and enhance the colours in the fabric when being shined onto from behind. These blinds are great for kitchens, living rooms or areas that you need to add some colour or style into. If you are a heavy sleeper than you can probably get away with installing these in a bedroom.

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