Choosing the best slat size for your new Shutters!

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When you are contemplating having shutters installed, you will be given various slat size options these include 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm slats. Each slat size will offer different benefits, below is some useful information to enable you to make the correct choice.
Can my window accommodate any slat size?
Basically, no. Each slat size will have a minimum depth requirement depending on the window frame you’re fitting your shutters to. Installing slats that are too large for your window could result in the slats hitting against an obstruction (eg window handle or the glass). 
How does the slat size affect privacy and light?
All our slats offer equal privacy when they’re closed. However, when the slats are opened, the larger the slat size the more light will enter the room. If you would like to keep your room as light as possible, then larger slats is something you should consider.

Tier on Tier Shutters
Tier on Tier Shutters.

Modern vs. Classic?
Wider slats look more modern, so if you are looking to complement a clean cut modern furnishing in a kitchen, living space, bedroom or bathroom going for a wide slat is the way to go.  If you have an older home rich in architectural detail and classic furnishings, then a smaller slat for shutters is best. Smaller slats are a perfect complement to a more traditional classic décor.

What slat size goes best with a particular window size?

Tall Windows– The larger the window height, the larger the slat should be. Larger slat sizes will achieve a proportional clean-cut look. If you opt for smaller slats, your panels will house more slats resulting in a busier look. Although it’s completely up to you, going with larger slats is the best option for windows with large heights.
Small Windows– The smaller the window height, the smaller the slat size should be. What you want to avoid is selecting the largest slat size for a small window. This could result in 1-2 slats in the panel which is not aesthetically pleasing. 

Full Height Shutters
Full Height Shutters

Which slat size goes best with a particular shutter style?

Whether Full Height, Café Style or Tier on Tier, any slat size will work in optimising the look of your home.

Should my shutter colour selection influence my slat size?

All our slat sizes look great whether they’re in a neutral or a bolder shade. But if you do want to make an impact with a vibrant color, we’d say wider slats will maximise the statement.

Should anything else influence my slat size choice?

Shutters are super simple to keep clean whether they have large or small slats, so there’s little in it, but larger slats are number one if every second counts when you’re cleaning.

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