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Cleaning Tips For Different Styles of Blinds

Cleaning tips for our different styles of blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Some fabrics are washable – ask the salesperson for advice. If your vertical blind is made of standard fabric, there are still plenty of ways to keep it clean. If you have an ostrich feather duster, you can use it to keep your blinds dust free. Alternatively, you can vacuum your vertical blinds or wipe over them with a warm damp cloth.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can be time-consuming to clean if you leave them to gather dust for months or years! To keep them in top condition, go over all the slats regularly with an ostrich feather duster.

Roller Blinds

If your roller blind would benefit from a clean, unroll it fully and wipe the whole surface gently with a warm damp cloth. Dab, rather than scrub and allow the blind to dry fully before rolling up again.

Roman Blinds

Most roman blind fabrics are dry clean only. To help keep the fabric fresh, vacuum the blinds to remove any dust and debris. You can also wipe the blind gently with a warm damp cloth, working carefully to avoid damaging the material.

Pleated Blinds

Use an ostrich feather duster and wipe with a warm damp cloth. Pleated blinds can gather lots of dust over time. Stop this happening by using an ostrich feather duster to go over the blinds every so often, and wipe down with a warm damp cloth. If you would like to arrange a FREE quote contact us on 07854185628 or email [email protected]

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Choose between shutters and blinds

A choice with lots of pros and cons

If you have come far enough to be deciding between shutters and blinds, we are pleased that you have left behind any thoughts of curtains and other window coverings!

We’ll be covering this design and style choice in a number of articles and stories. You can start off here but try and read our in-depth reviews as well.

Budget and design choice for shutters or blinds

There is a lot to say between the two – shutters and blinds. On the whole you will be paying more for shutters, particularly if you source high quality wooden plantation shutters rather than cheaper MDF shutters. The quality of finish will vary between shutter company products, however on the whole you will want to find shutters which are very durable and solid which is often the case as they are fixed either directly to your window frame or the walls surrounding depending on how your room allows the shutter installation. Whichever choice you make it is important to make sure that your windows themselves are in good repair and will work with your choice of blinds or shutters.

Blinds – what the low down?

How much and what style?

Blinds will as said tend to be cheaper. You could expect to pay a lot less for really cheap blinds, but for the purposes of comparison here we’ll assume you want something of quality!

One thing is for sure. There are many more blinds companies to choose from than shutters companies. There are a host of ranges available from mostout as Venetian blinds, wooden blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds and so many more!

You will have fabric choices and wood choices. Whilst many companies supply excellent quality blinds, on the whole they will not be as durable as shutters as there will be more movement in a blind and its mechanism for raising or lowering. Like anything which moves a lot there will be the chance of more wear and tear. That said you will still be able to find blinds at a very reasonable cost which should last for years to come. As there are so many examples of blinds please read our blinds section on more specific pricing – however you could expect to pay from £30 – £120 per square meter for wooden blinds, and anything from £10 upwards for various other blinds.

It is definitely person taste for shutters or blinds

If you want your property to really stand out with superb quality window coverings, stylish and contemporary shutters are still a rarer site at this stage. Blinds can create beautiful clean lines in any interior, but with so many blinds available from the huge super stores off the shelf, make sure you look carefully if you want a really stylish product.

We definitely recommend reading through our specific shutter pages and blinds pages ( so you can make the right informed decision about whether to choose between shutters or blinds!